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GeoMat Leaching System

GeoMat CRU files provide multiple design options for any application.

We are often asked if GeoMat can change a mound or at-grade to an inground. Quite often the answer is yes. 

Bob Berceau, co-owner of New Septic Solutions, is a CST and licensed designer. Bob has designed hundreds of GeoMat systems. 

If you need help getting started with our CRU files, or if a site has you questioning the best option to go with, contact us via telephone or text at 608-333-3610.

3,500 GeoMat Systems Installed in Wisconsin.

Zero Failures

"It's not the things you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's the things you know for sure that just aren't so." Mark Twain.


Conventional wisdom is defined as "a generally accepted belief, opinion, judgement, or prediction about a particular matter." 

Conventional wisdom accepts ideas without question It assumes the majority opinion must be true. It relies on accepting

things on faith without thinking about it. 

Septic system conventional wisdom says

  • Don't use large amounts of water in a short amount of time.

  • Don't do more than one load of laundry a day.

  • Only do laundry when water isn't being used.

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Conventional wisdom said GeoMat would fail because

  • It receives a 2.0 gallon per day per square foot load rate, which significantly reduces the size of the drainfield.

  • It does not allow wastewater to accumulate on the surface of the drainfield until the soil can absorb it.


Conventional wisdom does not take into account

A.   Traditional septic systems do not utilize the entire drainfield.

B.    GeoMat utilizes every square foot. 

C.    When water accumulates on the ground surface, it will result in soil becoming saturated. 

D.    GeoMat quickly disperses wastewater allowing time for the soil to dry and re-aerate. 


Septic system failure is due to a series of chain reactions 

  1. The ground becomes saturated when it receives more water than the soil can absorb in a relatively short amount of time.

  2. Saturated ground causes the soil to become oxygen starved. 

  3. Saturated, oxygen-starved soil produces countless anaerobic (do not need oxygen) bacteria to reproduce and multiply. 

  4. Anaerobic bacteria form a slimy substance called biomat that covers the bottom and the sides of the drainfield                   preventing the ground from absorbing wastewater. 

  5. As long as water continues to be used, anaerobic bacteria will multiply and size of the biomat will increase until                         the entire bottom of the field is covered causing wastewater to surface in the yard and/or lower levels of a house.                       When this happens, the septic system must be replaced.

Below: Brian Gundy Septic Systems, Minocqua

2- bedroom inground pressure system installed in Oneida County

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