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GeoMat Leaching System

GeoMat CRU files provide multiple design options for any application.

We are often asked if GeoMat can change a mound or at-grade to an inground. Quite often the answer is yes. 

Bob Berceau, co-owner of New Septic Solutions, is a CST and licensed designer. Bob has designed hundreds of GeoMat systems. 

If you need help getting started with our CRU files, or if a site has you questioning the best option to go with, contact us via telephone or text at 608-333-3610.

4,000 GeoMat Systems Installed in Wisconsin.

Septic system failure is caused by a series of virtually unnoticeable chain reactions

  • The ground becomes saturated when it receives more water than the soil can absorb in a relatively short amount of time.

  • Saturated ground causes the soil to become oxygen-starved.

  • Saturated, oxygen-starved soil produces anaerobic bacteria, which do not require oxygen to reproduce and multiply. 

  • The bacteria form a blackish, slimy layer of biological waste called biomat that covers the surface and sides of the drainfield.

  • As long as the household continues to use water, the ground will remain saturated causing the biomat to multiple and increase.

The drainfield eventually becomes completely covered causing wastewater to surface                      above ground and/or backup into the house. This is often referred to as creeping failure.

Below: Brian Grundy Septic Systems, Minocqua

2 BR inground pressure system installed in Oneida County

Ponding drainfield HD JPEG_062944.jpg
Creepting Failure HD JPEG_103303_edited.jpg

Creeping failure

GeoMat is a unique septic drainfield system

  • It utilizes the entire drainfield from end-to-end and side-to-side every time it doses.

  • It combines shallow burial depth with even wastewater dispersal to achieve maximum oxygen transfer.

  • Reduced dose size combined with 12" of C33 sand allows water to travel            quickly through the sand into the ground allowing soil time to dry.

Gundy 1 HD JPEG.jpg

... and one part imagination

GeoMat shape combined with crushed plastic transmissive core (below) inside the fabric disperses water evenly over the entire surface from end-to-end and side-to-side. 

GeoMat relies on three parts logic...

  1. Anaerobic bacteria cannot exist in dry, well aerated soil.

  2. The amount of oxygen in air is 20,000 times greater than the amount of oxygen in water.

  3. Soil aeration is the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the soil pore space and the atmosphere. 

02 CO2 HD _021700_043612.jpg

GeoMat Formula: Shallow burial depth + even dispersal = maximum oxygen transfer

Reduced dose size combined with 12" of C33 sand allows water to travel quickly            through the sand into the ground allowing soil time to dry.


Beginning Jan. 2024, the same systems will require installing a time dose control panel.

Sara Hager, Ph.D. is an engineer, researcher and instructor in the Onsite Sewage Treatment

Program in the Water Resources Center at the University of Minnesota. She presents at

many local and national training events regarding the design, installation and management

of septic systems and related research. She is education chair of the Minnesota Onsite Wastewater Association and the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association,

and she serves on the NSF International Committee on Wastewater Treatment Systems.


In the Dec. 2018 edition of Onsite Installer Magazine, Sara Hager wrote an article titled

Benefits of Timed Dosing and Flow Equalization. Following are excerpts from the article.

Timed dosing configurations include an adjustable timer that controls pump rest interval

and runtime to spread out the application of wastewater over time versus how it is

generated in a home or facility.”


“Utilizing timed dosing instead of demand dosing mitigates variations or peaks

in wastewater flow. Peak flows from the dwelling are stored and then dosed to subsequent components evenly throughout the day. Timed dosing configurations are more commonly

found in systems that include advanced pretreatment devices or flow equalization.”


“All systems can benefit from time doses, as the naturally occurring microorganisms in

the system prefer a more regular delivery of food. In addition, time dosing allows the

soil treatment system to rest and re-aerate between doses that are uniformly applied.”

Benefits of Timed Dosing and Flow Equalization - Click to read the article


NSS also requires installing a pressure filter on all GeoMat systems utilizing a pump.

In 2020, Sara Hager wrote an article for Onsite Installed titled "Top 10 Reasons the

Effluent Filter Plugged" Following is an excerpt from the article:


“Large volumes of wastewater generated in a short period of time can result in turbulence in the septic tank and reduced retention time, which can lead to solids plugging the effluent screen. Leaks and large parties are examples of such uses.”

Top 10 Reasons the Effluent Filter is Plugged - Click to read the article


Independent Authentication

Even dispersement and 12" of sand lowers BOD and TSS levels to achieve aerobic treatment standards (<30 Mg/L) and TSS (<30 Mg/L). These numbers were proven in stringent NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) testing. Click to go to NSF Website


GeoMat is 39" wide x 1" high

It comes in a 100' long circular roll; a roll is 36" x 36" x 43" high; it weighs 70 pounds

Easily fits in a pickup.


Wisconsin Approvals / Component Manuals

GeoMat is approved for

Inground Gravity

Inground Dosing 

Inground Pressure

Regular Mounds

Split-bed Mounds


GeoMat Inground Component Manual (Click to read or download)

GeoMat Mound / Split-bed Mound Component Manual 

Wisconsin History

  • GeoMat was introduced in Wisconsin in 2017 by New Septic Solutions.

  • Over 3,500 systems have been installed in Wisconsin with ZERO failures.

  • NSS is co-owned and managed by Bob Berceau and Tom Donahoe.

  • Bob has 30+ years experience as a CST and licensed septic system designer.

  • Tom has 30+ years experience marketing wastewater treatment products in WI.

  • NSS markets wastewater treatment products to septic system contractors    dedicated to providing consumers with products designed to adapt to           individual lifestyles & needs.

Gundy 4 HD JPEG.jpg
Crushed plastic draing_edited.jpg

Note: In theory, pressurized systems utilize the entire drainfield each time the pump runs.

In reality, they do not utilize the entire drainfield because wastewater does not disperse  

far enough away from the point of contact to cover the entire width from side to side.

GeoMat is manufactured by Geomatrix Systems located in Old Saybrook, CT

Geomatrix is owned and managed by Dave & Elizabeth Potts.

Dave Potts has written “Peer Reviewed Journal Articles” required to go through an evaluation process journal editors and other expert scholars assess the quality and scientific merit on

the article and its research. Geomatrix Website

Below: Three bedroom mound installed in St. Croix County by Wang Excavating, River Falls

Gundy 10 (1).jpg
Wang 1 HD JPEG_063429_064217.jpg
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