Welcome to New Septic Solutions

New Septic Solutions is owned by Bob Berceau and Tom Donahoe 

Bob has 30+ years as a Certified Soil Tester and licensed septic system designer 

Tom has 30+ years marketing products for the POWTS industry

Products used to install septic systems must be approved by state regulatory agencies

Product approvals are based on meeting 'minimum standard' requirements.

A perfect example of minimum standard requirements are effluent filters. 

Effluent filter approval is based on 'gallons per day' capability. 

GPD has no relevance as to how well the filter will work. 

Making use of the entire drainfield is critical to pressurized septic systems

They do NOT use the entire drainfield. 

Our system uses every inch. 

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Septic systems come with a list of things you should NOT do. 

Our septic system comes with a list of things you CAN do. (below)

It's not magic, it's BETTER technology. 

Below         GeoMat Leaching System

Size             Six bedroom house in Franklin WI
System        Slit-bed mound: four cells; each cell is 45'L x 39"W

Contractor   Klein Excavating & Septic, Helenville

Designer     Nick Klein with an assist from Bob Berceau of NSS

Mission       Minimize size and preserve vegetation

Klein Photo 3.jpg
Klein Photo 7.jpg