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30 Million American Households Rely On Septic Systems

Very few people understand how their septic system works. We want to change that.

Ignorance is bliss means “if you don’t know about something, you don’t worry about it.”

Ignorance ends up being very costly because real problems result in unwanted consequences.

On the other hand, an American Express Research Study concluded , “informed consumers

make sensible decisions by gaining an insight about a product prior to its purchase. This

insight equips the consumer with the data to arrive at an evidence based conclusion.”


Septic systems come with a list of things "not to do."

People are expected to adjust their lifestyle to accommodate their septic system.

When a septic system fails prematurely, it is assumed the homeowner was responsible.

More often than not, the failure could have been prevented by utilizing better technology.


Apple cofounder Steve Jobs said, “People often don’t know what they want until you show them.

“Our job is to show them what they want before they know they need it.” Jobs was referring to

Apple products; he could have been referring to septic systems.

Septic systems failure is caused by a series of chain reactions

  • The ground becomes saturated when the it receives more water                                                    than the soil can absorb in a relatively short amount of time.

  • Saturated ground causes the soil to become oxygen-starved.

  • Saturated, oxygen-starved soil produces microscopic anaerobic bacteria,                                     which do not require oxygen to reproduce and multiply. 

  • The bacteria form a blackish, slimy layer of biological waste called ‘biomat’                                  that covers the surface and sides of drainfield.

  • As long as a household continues to use water, the ground will remain saturated                        and the biomat will increase and cover a larger portion of the leachfield.


Eventually, the entire field will become covered causing wastewater to surface above the

ground and/or backup into the house. This is commonly referred to as ‘creeping failure'.

Failed system drawing_edited.jpg
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