30 million households have septic systems

The price of a new septic system varies from $5,000 to $30,000 (maybe more)

depending where you love and the type of system you need.


The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states 

"Most systems fail because of inappropriate design or poor maintenance...."

Inappropriate means "not suitable or proper in the circumstances" 

  • This implies the person doing the design made mistakes.

  • Septic systems with pumps are designed to disperse effluent* evenly across the entire drainfield. 

  •  In most instances, only a small area in the center of the field receives water; the rest is dry.   

  • This often results in drainfield failure much sooner than anyone anticipated.  

       *Effluent: "The liquid wastewater that exists into the drain."

'Poor' maintenance doesn't cause near as many failures as 'no' maintenance

Very few residential septic systems receive any maintenance, other than pumping.

The fact that most owner know so little makes them easy targets when their system fails. 

Knowledge is Power

Google 'septic system maintenance' and five ad's appear at the top of the page.

Each site is an advertisement for a miracle cure for failed septic systems; it's a huge industry.  

If they worked as advertised, regulatory agencies would do everything possible to promote them. 

They rely on naive septic system owners who are desperate to avoid having to put in a new system. 


Septic system lifespan varies anywhere from 10 to 40 years 

  • Want to take a guess who the miracle cure target audience is?

  • Hint: it's not people with 40 year old septic systems.. 

Septic system maintenance and restoration (Click here - scroll to page bottom)

About New Septic Solution

NSS is a Wisconsin company distributing products for POWTS* systems

NSS is owned by Bob Berceau and Tom Donahoe 

Bob has 30+ years as a CST** and licensed septic system designer 

Tom has 30+ years making and marketing products for POWTS systems

* POWTS: Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

**CST: Certified Soil Tester


Six bedroom split-bed mound installed in Franklin, WI

The system has four cells; each cell is 45' long x 39" wide

Contractor: Klein Excavating & Septic, Helenville

Designer: Nick Klein with an assist from Bob Berceau of NSS

  We were able to minimize system size and preserve vegetation. 

Klein Photo 3.jpg
Klein Photo 6.jpg
Klein Photo 5_edited.jpg
Klein Photo 7.jpg