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30 Million American Households Rely On Septic Systems

Very few people understand how their septic system works.

We want to change that.

New Septic Solutions Adapts To You - So You Don't Have To Adapt To Your Septic System

                                                                    Do more than one load of laundry at a time 

                                                                    Run more than one water using device at a time 

                                                                    Host large gatherings, holidays, parties, etc. etc.  



Six bedroom split-bed mound installed in by Nick Klein Excavating, Helenville in Franklin

The system was designed by Nick Klein with an assist from Bob Berceau of NSS.

The owners wanted to preserve as much natural vegetation as possible.

GeoMat small footprint significantly reduced overall size and height.

Four GeoMat cells - Each cell is 39" wide x 50' long

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