Impact Technology designs and manufactures custom injected molded plastic parts for the onsite wastewater industry.

In some instances, our product offering is unique. In others, it provides innovative designs for existing product applications. 

By listening to what you tell us, we make products that work better, cost less, save time, and make it easier to do a great job. 

OPKEZ Observation Pipe Kit for use with stone or stone replacement

You will save a lot of time and some money with our observation pipe kit. 

We've eliminated the need for saws and drills and closet collars. 


Our observation kit comes with an 8" tall, cone shaped, PVC base.

It has eight 1/4" x 6" slots. 

Glue Sch.40 pipe to the top of the base and the onservation pipe is complete. 


Each kit comes with two base units and two caps

Sold individually or 25 kits in a box.  


OPK4CH Observation Pipe Kit for use with chambers

We've made installing an observation pipe in chambers quick and easy.

Our adapter doesn't require screws or attachments to secure the pipe

to the chamber.

When the system is backfilled, the flanges on each side prevent any possibility      of the pipe being puled out of the ground; either unintentionally or otherwise.

Each kit comes with two base units and two caps

Sold individually or 25 kits in a box.  



IT44 Coupler

Our coupler is the missing link between the supply line and the drainfield.

It's the first and only PVC coupler designed to connect PVC pipe to corrugated pipe.

There is no quicker or easier way to connect PVC to corrugated pipe. 

The supply side is a glue fitting that accepts either Schedule 40 or SDR3034 pipe.

The corrugated side slides inside the pipe and permanently locks in place.

Sold individually or in box quantities of 25.



IT4 Coupler

This is a standard corrugated coupler on steroids.

When you connect corrugated pipe with our coupler - it stays connected.

Sold in box quantities of 25