Welcome to New Septic Solutions

NSS is owned by Bob Berceau and Tom Donahoe 

Bob has 30+ years as a Certified Soil Tester and licensed septic system designer 

Tom has 30+ years marketing products for the POWTS industry


Our current product offering consists of

Geomatrix Systems   GeoMat Leaching System & Quick-Snap Orifice Shields 

Alderon Industries     Alarms, Control Panels, & Float Switches

NSS                           ClearFlow Pressure Filter which we own.


Making Septic Systems More Reliable

We chose the name New Septic Solutions because we provide

innovative technology designed to lower contaminants and

increase septic system lifespan.

The EPA states "Most septic systems fail due to inappropriate design or failure

to perform routine maintenance such as pumping the septic tank every three

to five years can cause solids to migrate into the drainfield and clog the



The best way to explain what the EPA means and how to stop

it from happening is by breaking it down into two categories: 

Inappropriate Design Click here

Maintenance Failure  Click here

Below         GeoMat Leaching System

Size             Six bedroom house in Franklin WI
System        Slit-bed mound: four cells; each cell is 45'L x 39"W

Contractor   Klein Excavating & Septic, Helenville

Designer     Nick Klein with an assist from Bob Berceau of NSS

Goal            Minimize size and preserve vegetation

Klein Photo 3.jpg
Klein Photo 7.jpg