Who is NSS

GeoMat is a Wisconsin based independent manufacturers representative to the POWTS (Provate Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems) industry. 



NSS is co-owned and managed by Bob Berceau and Tom Donahoe. 

Our Credentials

Bob has 30 years experience as a CST (Certified Soil Tester) and a licensed septic system designer in Wisconsin.

Tom has 25 years experience marketing innovative products to the POWTS industry. 

Contact Information

Bob   920-819-4100

Tom   608-333-3610

GeoMat Wisconsin History

The first GeoMat system in Wisconsin was installed in 2016.

As of today, over 40,000 feet of GeoMat has been installed in Wisconsin (every system is functioning as designed)


GeoMat National History

The first GeoMat system was installed in Conneticut in 2003 (it is functioning today)

Since then, thousands of systems have been installed in the U.S. and Canada with no reported failures.